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Cardio: terrifying enemy or valid ally?
Cardio: terrifying enemy or valid ally?

Cardio: terrifying enemy or valid ally?

Date: October 08, 2020
Tag: cardio muscle

How many times have all those devoted to muscle mass gain wondered if cardio was right for them, or if it had some negative role in their goal.

Without going into excessively technical explanations, we could start by saying that the question, like everything about our world, is closely linked to subjectivity.

Therefore, passing over this detail, if we address the discussion in a generic way, we can safely say that:

Cardiovascular activity, if contextualized and modulated in an intelligent way, does not cause any deleterious effect but rather, has only positive effects.
What about muscle catabolism?

The much feared catabolism from excessive aerobic activity occurs only when the subject is either in food restriction, or if he has a metabolic condition of extreme difficulty in managing the macronutrients necessary for sufficient muscle recovery, and consequently to activate the super compensatory processes .
The benefits of cardio for a bodybuilder

Excluding these two cases, doing 40 minutes of walking with a slight slope 2/3/4 times a week, after training or even better in the morning on an empty stomach, will do nothing more than:

improve the cardio-pulmonary capacity of our athlete who, although we can train intensely and frequently with weights, is an aspect that only aerobic activity can significantly affect
stimulate metabolism. I know that expressed in this way is a very crude and generic concept but as I said, this post does not want to go too far into technicalities
develop conditional skills different from those to which we usually get used to our body with weight training
improve the circulatory aspect
and last but not least, change stimulus on a psychological level, getting used to a wider range of motion than the usual routine


In conclusion, without having to become a marathon runner, treat yourself to a bit of a treadmill from time to time.

Miha Zupan - cardio day

Your biceps will remain the same big, you will make a good sweat, but above all you will contribute to an aspect that we often leave too much on the sidelines ...

You will be better and healthier

Good cardio everyone

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