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Chaga: health's mushroom
Chaga: health's mushroom

Chaga: health's mushroom

Date: April 14, 2021

Chaga mushroom grows on the bark of some tree species, in particular, on the birch and has a dark color that tends to burn.
His fame led him to be known as the "Gift of God" associated with its beneficial properties and active ingredients.
Let's see which ones

China it is found mentioned in ancient medical texts as early as 2000 years ago, and also in Russia and Siberia it has been used for more than 400 years to treat a wide range of pathologies.
From heart problems to gastrointestinal and joint problems, providing vigor and vital energy.

Qi for traditional Chinese medicine is a gift from God in Asian populations

Since 1950, Soviet research has begun to investigate the peculiarities and potential of this extraordinary medicinal mushroom on various aspects of health, even very serious ones, leading it to be known and appreciated also in the Western world.

Like all medicinal mushrooms, it has a strong activity in stimulating the natural immune defenses by activating macrophages, T-Helper, NK cells and Beta cells which, in turn, increase the production of antibodies.
Chaga is considered a real "superfood" with an evident adaptogenic capacity in enhancing the body's response to situations of strong psychophysical stress of various kinds.

with a strong anti-aging activity and very useful in case of osteoporosis because it is rich in vitamin D.
The betulinic acid, contained within it, makes it a tested remedy for skin problems

As confirmed by science, Chaga contains various bioactive substances such as interesting sterols and SOD superoxidismutase; an enzyme present in high concentration capable of effectively neutralizing the damage caused by free radicals by slowing down the aging processes of the organism.
It contains a very high concentration of vitamin D, melanin, triterpenes that strengthen the body making it stronger in the response to stress, providing energy, resistance to fatigue and mental well-being.
In the ORAC scale, designed to measure the potential of a food or element in counteracting oxidative stress and absorbing free radical damage, the Chaga mushroom finds itself with the highest scores, demonstrating its potential for action in degenerative and aging processes.
Its antioxidant properties and its anti-inflammatory nature, exerted by Betulinic acid, make it particularly suitable for combating inflammatory osteoarticular and gastrointestinal problems or in liver detoxification regimes.

Valid help also to improve psycho-physical well-being, its useful in case of stress, fatigue, anxiety and irritability and the active ingredients contained in it seem to prove beneficial also from the point of view of the normalization of glycemic levels in the blood and for the production of insulin.

In traditional medicine the Chaga mushroom has been used for

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • parasites
  • intestinal worms
  • stomach ache

The Chaga mushroom is also used in cosmetics: in fact, its extract is often present in anti-aging creams as a source of support for the well-being of the skin of the face.

Did you know this medicinal mushroom and its infinite beneficial properties?

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