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Focus: health of the liver functionality-liver detoxification
Focus: health of the liver functionality-liver detoxification

Focus: health of the liver functionality-liver detoxification

Date: September 23, 2020


The liver is a gland that plays a key role in organic metabolism and that oversees the complex biochemical functions that involve it
as a sort of crossroads for many of the biochemical processes of our organism
The liver is a chemical plant, a factory, a filter, a producer of emulsifiers (bile) whose role is fundamental in the formation and transformation of nutrients and more.
Among the many activities of the liver, of particular importance is that of "deactivating" and eliminating the toxins that we introduce through delicate processes of "biotransformation" where the "harmful" substances aremade more soluble and more harmless and then become excreted.
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The modern era exposes us to continuous exposure to agents of various kinds that are potentially "toxic" for our organism, so its always advisable to act accordingly and help the physiological detoxification processes of the organism before chronic exposure to harmful substances, can increase the metabolic imbalance of the organ by jamming the physiological mechanisms and reducing the correct functionality of the liver.
This would mean a possible greater risk of accumulation of toxins both locally and systemically.


The study of nutraceuticals provides us with various natural substances of real effectiveness so that these processes can continue to remain more fluidand efficient.
Epadex® is the new Yamamoto® Research product that makes use of the synergy of some of these precious completely natural elements that have proven their effectiveness to be a valid support for normal liver function, counteracting inflammation and promoting the detoxifying activity that characterizes this extraordinary "coordinating" organ by the ability to be able to regenerate itself.
Epadex® is a supplement formulated to be a true ally to liver activity basedon: artichoke, desmodium, turmeric and sillimarin in very high absorption versions.
It has long been used in traditional African medicine and by the populations of the Amazon; Epadex® is one of the first supplements in Italy to boast the presence of desmodio.
The herb that treats yellow eye disease and the African queen of the liver with a regenerating action also for the respiratory system
Not long ago, the desmodium reached Europe through the interest of French doctors and researchers who have demonstrated a powerful hepatoprotective action and a beneficial action also for the respiratory system.
This marked "regenerating" action that desmodium exerts in the liver increases the resistance of the liver cells and promotes their regeneration by effectively intervening in cases of toxic and infectious inflammation of various kinds, promoting the normalization of transaminases.
The artichoke: a natural purifier for the liver
 Many dont know that in the artichoke plant and leaves there are substances of potential interest for health, such as sesquiterpenes, hydroxycinnamic acid and flavonoids contained in the leaves of the plant.
The "caffeilquinici" contained are able to stimulate the appetite and increase the acid secretion of the stomach, favoring the well-knowndigestive processes.
Of particular importance are also the ability to act in an interesting way also in the liver by offering choleretic functions that stimulate the liver to produce the bile necessary to digest fats and cholagogue functions that allow the passage of bile from the liver to the gallbladder and towards the gastrointestinal system.
 Silymarin and its powerful hepatoprotective properties
Silymarin has always stood out among the most important natural substances for health and liver function; one of the most studied bioactive plant extracts with well recognized mechanisms of action and contained in the fruits of milkthistle (Silybum marianum L.)  which within Epadex® is present in a version that uses the "phytosomal" form as a transport vehicle "SillimarinaFitosoma® " which guarantees a net improvement of its bioavailability, thus optimizing its efficacy potential.
Turmeric and the benefits of a plant rich in infinite properties
Surely among the most famous nutraceuticals, for the countless beneficial properties on health, including at the liver level, we find curcuma.
Given the known difficulties of oral absorption; Epadex® contains the most famous and studied version in the literature, the "Curcugreen ™ BCM-95®", an exclusive patent dossier that boasts over 68 clinical studies and a 15 year quality-safety control monitoring.
The number 95 that characterizes the "Curcugreen ™ BCM-95®" patent concerns the degree of standardization at 95% of the curcuminoid-essential oil complex that allows a unique absorption and synergy of action, demonstrating an extraordinary bioavailability from 7 to 9 times higher than that of the most common turmeric extracts at 95% standardization.
The turmeric used is GMO-free and doesnt contain any excipient or artificial coloring, its gluten-free and free of yeasts, starches, dairy products and soy.

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