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Kudzu: the beneficial and detoxifying Asian plant
Kudzu: the beneficial and detoxifying Asian plant

Kudzu: the beneficial and detoxifying Asian plant

Date: May 26, 2022
A natural thickener from Japan useful for detoxifying and relieving the symptoms of menopause.
Present both in capsules and as a flour useful in the kitchen for soups, mousses and puddings ..
A plant with numerous beneficial properties that you absolutely must know !!!

Kudzu: what is it about?

Also known asKuzu; is a very ancient food used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to detoxify the body.
A root of a wild plant: Pueraria Lobata of the legume family, introduced in Europe in the late 1800s
. Recently, this plant has made a name for itself thanks to its great Energy to make women live, in the most serene way, menopause . _
Its benefits, however, are many and are concentrated, in particular, on puerarin ; the most important active principle of this root, genistein and daidzein ; all isoflavones with the characteristic of acting on neurotransmitters.

Helps detoxify addictions and improve bowel functions.

Its detoxifying action is due to an increase in the production of serotonin and dopamine which help to compensate for the lack of the substance one is addicted to, transforming Kudzu into a natural remedy effective in smoking and alcohol addictions.
Furthermore, many researches have highlighted the ability of this plant to act positively in cases of strong addiction to coffee and chocolate.

An intestinal protector able to protect the mucous membranes in the presence of irritation and ulcers.
In case of dysentery it absorbs the excess of liquids making the stools consistent and in case of constipation it facilitates its softening.

Did you know that..

By stimulating the action of serotonin and dopamine, is it able to balance mood , counteract stress and facilitate night rest ?

sondaggio_si = I use this plant and I find positive feedback

sondaggio_no = I didn't know kudzu


The production of phytoestrogens make Kudzu useful in menopause : thanks to the richness of isoflavonoids, it is able to relieve hot flashes, palpitations and states of anxiety characteristic of this moment in the life of women.

From the roots of a wild and climbing legume, a starchy white powder is obtained with many beneficial properties for the body.
Kudzu can represent a precious ally in case of headache as the isoflavones it is rich in are able to reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation .
This characteristic relating to blood oxygenation highlights a further beneficial property of this plant; its being a powerful antioxidant capable of slowing the narrowing of the arteries.
Furthermore, some studies have shown its effectiveness in the treatment of angina pectoris in heart patients

Where is it and how is it used?

Present both as a food supplement (dry root extract) and in powder , it comes in the form of agglomerates of white flour.
Its taste is neutral and does not alter the taste of other foods with which it comes into contact and has the ability to dissolve easily and make the preparations where it is used soft and creamy.

Its beneficial properties do not stop with its active ingredients but arrive in the kitchen ..
The powder of the kudzu root is a gluten-free starch that, dissolved in water, is useful for thickening and gelling different dishes: soups, creams, cheesecakes and puddings.
10g of kudzu per 100ml of liquid are the exact doses to use to have a pudding or a cheesecake and only half is enough to prepare a mousse ..

Ume-Sho-Kudzu: a useful recipe for the intestine

Dissolve a teaspoon of Kudzu powder in a cup of water and add an umeboshi plum.
Stir and bring to the fire until boiling.
Serve with soy sauce and sprinkled with ginger.

Given its properties, Kudzu is a product that is currently used by pharmaceutical industries also for the production of chewing gum for therapeutic purposes to combat various addictions.
Its flowers , on the other hand, are used for infusions prepared with boiling water and filtered after 10 minutes.
It is also possible to use this root as a drink using the powder to be dissolved in water to be added later to almond or soy milk .

Where to get it?

The Kudzu is available in herbal medicine or directly here


To date, there are no documents regarding side effects due to the use of Kudzu even in high doses.
However, it is advisable to take precautions with children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Heart patients, on the other hand, can take Kudzu after consulting their doctor.


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