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The Best 3 Exercises for Adductor Muscles
The Best 3 Exercises for Adductor Muscles

The Best 3 Exercises for Adductor Muscles

Date: September 08, 2020

Often referred to simply as the "inner thigh", the hip adductor muscles are a minor gripe for many. Women would like them more toned, bodybuilders more hypertrophic, athletes from numerous sports often complain of injury or inflammation... but what are these adductor muscles? Which movements are they deputies to? Let's get to know them better and understand what are some of the best exercises for toned and defined adductors.

The adductor muscles

Adductor anatomy


anatomy of the adductor muscles


Anatomically, adductors are a complex of five muscles:

  • great adductor,
  • long adductor,
  • short adductor,
  • gracilis,
  • pectineus,

which allows the leg to be moved towards the vertical midline of the body. The adductor muscles originate from the pubis and are all inserted along with the linea acid, a bony crest that separates the posterior aspect of the femur into two portions (with the exception of the gracilis, which inserts on the tibia). The actions of these muscles are of various kinds. Every adductor muscle, with the exception of the great adductor, originates from the hip joint and therefore determines adduction, flexion, and medial rotation movements at the hip. The large adductor, on the other hand, if stimulated in the anterior portion, allows adduction, intra-rotation, and flexion movements. If, on the other hand, it is stimulated in the posterior portion, it allows extension movements.

Usually, in athletes who complain of problems with strains or tears in the groin, the problem is generated by an injury to these muscles.

Exercises for the adductor muscles

To tone the inner thigh we must include in our training program specific exercises for adductor muscles such as those proposed here, very effective for obtaining excellent results in aesthetic and, above all, functional terms.

1. Adductor Machine

adductor machine

Starting and ending position at the adductor machine.


With the Adductor Machine, the hip adduction movement is performed, starting from the open legs position and closing the legs with a slow and regular movement that involves all the adductor muscles and buttocks.

2. Sumo squat with dumbbell

sumo squat with dumbbell

Starting and finishing positions of the dumbbell sumo squat.

From a standing position spread your feet beyond shoulder width and rotate them slightly outward. Hold the dumbbell in the center firmly with both hands. By flexing your arms slightly, raise the dumbbell as you lower your glutes, keeping your back straight and bringing your thighs parallel to the floor. Always pay attention that the knees do not exceed the tips of the feet. After reaching a bend of about 90 ° with the knees, slowly return to the starting position.

3. Side lunges

Side lunges

Starting position and execution of side lunges.

To perform side lunges, you need to spread your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and rotate them outward between about 35-50 degrees. Flex one knee until it reaches approximately 90 degrees. Leave the other leg straight. Also, check here that the tip of the flexed knee does not exceed the tip of the foot.

What are your favorite adductor exercises? Write it in the comments!


Model: Asia Callegari, atleta Bikini IFBB Pro League, Team Yamamoto/ Iafstore



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