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The Best 3 Exercises to Lose Weight Thighs and Glutes
The Best 3 Exercises to Lose Weight Thighs and Glutes

The Best 3 Exercises to Lose Weight Thighs and Glutes

Date: September 08, 2020
We all want to feel our legs fitter and firmer and many of us ask personal trainers about exercises for toned and firm thighs and glutes.

Slimming thighs and glutes

anatomy of the leg muscles


When we talk about slimming the thighs, we assume that our body can work in "watertight compartments", selectively burning only the fat concentrated in a specific area of ​​the body (in this case, the inner thigh, the buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips). It is not so! Let's see briefly why it is not possible to lose weight only in certain areas and how we must behave to obtain the firm and toned thighs and buttocks that we want.

The role of hormones in weight loss

Weight loss is triggered by a series of physiological processes that involve the whole organism and that leads to the reduction of adipose tissue and the decrease in total body mass. Localized fat, however, is strongly influenced by the plasma concentration of hormones that cause it to accumulate in different regions of the body. In men, the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and around the waist is often associated with low testosterone and high cortisol levels, while in women excess estrogen plays a decisive role in jeopardizing the success of a weight loss program.

How to approach localized fat on the thighs?

If we talk about localized adiposity in women, we must consider that the fat on legs is definitely less supplied by blood vessels than the one in other tissues. Therefore, this fat is more subject to inflammatory processes that tend to become chronic, causing cellulite and water retention. To burn fat in this area it is necessary to study a strategy in which they converge:
  • Controlled diet. In many cases, a low-calorie diet or in any case capable of causing an increase in metabolism is fine;

  • Intense training program. Or at least, intense enough to produce adequate energy consumption;

  • Supplement support. There are specific products based on natural extracts or amino acids that help increase thermogenesis, lipolysis, and drainage of liquids.

So, if it is true that, in principle, it is not correct to speak of localized weight loss, it is equally true that developing muscle mass will produce an increase in metabolism and greater energy consumption that will burn excess fat. Remember that about 50% of the body's musculature is located in the legs and buttocks. Therefore, promoting the development of muscle mass (the living tissue that requires nourishment and energy, supplied with blood and oxygen) is the "keystone" to trigger the slimming process.

3 exercises to slim thighs and glutes

To eliminate fat in the lower part of the body, it is advisable to prefer training with weights or, in any case, of such intensity as to produce an anabolic effect capable to increase the metabolism - the real secret (not secret!) of the weight loss process. Here are 3 of the best exercises to slim and define thighs and buttocks.

1. Bulgarian Squat, with or without weights

bulgarian squat


The Bulgarian Squat is an exercise that engages the muscles of the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core. The thing that makes the Bulgarian Squat an optimal version of the classic squat is the greater activation of the posterior chain.

The important thing is to remember to: tilt the torso slightly forward, place only the tip of the rear foot, not the neck, push with the heel in the concentric phase, and space the feet well so as not to excessively flex the knee (3/4 steps away, just to make the descent smooth). Then pay attention to the position of the feet, which are not in line but as wide as the pelvis. The weight of the body is well distributed on the resting foot, with the knee in line with the ankle. One final note: always remember that the body lifts thanks to the push of the foot, not the back!

2. Multipower Squat (Smith Machine)

 smith machine squat


The Smith Machine squat is an excellent variant of the classic squat to work the quadriceps and, in a synergistic way, the hip adductors, the buttocks, the soleus. As a starting position, the barbell should be locked to the Smith Machine at a height that is slightly below our shoulders. After loading it, grab the barbell with a prone grip while maintaining a slightly greater distance than the shoulders. Aligned in the center of the bar, put your head under the bar resting it behind your shoulders and check your feet: the toes must be slightly forward of the body and the feet will be parallel and a little wider than the shoulders. During the push-up, the eyes must always be directed in front of you and the knees must not form an angle of less than 90 °.

3. Leg Press

leg press


Last but not least, the Leg Press, an excellent workout for a little bit of all the leg muscles: quadriceps, glutes, calves, hamstrings. Whatever type of press you use (vertical, horizontal, at 45 °) the muscles involved and the advice for execution are the same. Sit down and place the entire soles of your feet (shoulder-width apart) on the platform. Check that the knees are not too close to the chest during the starting position and that the torso and legs form a maximum angle of 90 °, never greater. Push with your legs while keeping your back straight and never fully extending the knee joint. Slowly return to position without letting the weights down, so that you can immediately start another rep.

Have a good workout!

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