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Training for the summer - Session 1: Chest, Biceps, Abdominal
Training for the summer - Session 1: Chest, Biceps, Abdominal

Training for the summer - Session 1: Chest, Biceps, Abdominal

Date: June 21, 2016

Let's start with the basics

I was born to be an instructor. Hence it was the first title I took when I first started in the world of gyms.

Now we only talk about Personal Trainer, Coach, Technical, but we forget that gyms are frequented by users looking for standard fitness, wellbeing.

Let's step back and start with basics, learn to relate to the customers'needs, understand what they want, meet their expectations.

Obtain the customer's medical history, peruse it, understand structural, skeletal issues, observe what kind of muscle mass possessed , how much fat or low body fat.

This allows the instructor to empathize with customers, take into account their concerns and see what strategies should be implemented to create an appropriate training program to reach their goals.

We reach the starting point:

A workout plan

The worksheet should not be pre-set, or a male or female worksheet based on age and weight.

But rather a real training program aimed to increase our customers'muscle volume and knowledge, as this is ultimately our role.

Teach, so that customers can build from scratch their cultural awareness concerning this discipline.

As knowing what to do, knowing how to proceed, improves their end results. My project under this section is a concise and invaluable basic guide.

A "dry" workout sheet

What we're going to analyze today given the period and environment, is a workout sheet that many query their instructor or Personnel about, for (dry) the detested term.

It will not be difficult to create it for me, I love certain techniques, which I consider basic to stimulate the metabolism.

Step by step, we have to choose the time of execution, select exercise machines or free weights and add more or less cardiovascular work.

Gabriele Andriulli bench press followed by the Alessandro Gatti coach

Taking into account that most of you are always in a hurry to finish as it is common to remark that the weight room is boring, Just like that, after years and years of work, I managed to create tables that provide maximum results in the shortest possible time.

There is no need to be in the gym for three hours

It is not true that being in the gym for three hours is beneficial, pumping weights then cardio till you drop will only cause psychological, muscle and joint stress.

What I am about to offer is a mix of techniques, with weights and machines.

The technique must always be articulated and correct, each controlled movement without haste so as to avoid injury.

Execution is essential, and here lies the importance of the instructor who supervises session after session with the required precision.

Control the movement

Execute, control the movement is the first step to achieve our goal.

The movement, I always explain it with this 2/1/2 equation.

On observing them, they are just numbers, but the first is the starting or active or eccentric stage, one, the stop movement, two, the descending or negative or concentric stage.

Here, we can say, lies the secret of muscle development.

Perform the exercise in the correct manner, and performing this first simple technique is basic.

If you do not understand the how and why of this simple equation, we are unable to obtain any results.

Simona Renzetti with Matteo Innocenti controlling the movement of the exercise

The muscle is stressed or we induce a stress phase so as to get the result, which is to achieve volume density definition.

If we do not follow THE MOVEMENT we will not obtain results.

I always offer this example to my customers.

A construction worker, really stressful and heavy movements all day, lifting sandbags, pushing wheelbarrows full of mortar, but I do not see a BodyBuilder among the scaffolding.

As he does not perform movements technically suitable for the development of the muscles.

Let me explain, my customers come into the gym to get results, muscle tone, muscle density quality.

To accomplish this, they will have to train little but well.

in a very simple manner, stress obtains factors such as quality of execution, performance and training techniques.

These are and will always be the parameters for creating a table, whether a first-time customer, or an advanced one.


Today, I would like to address one of the best techniques available, the SUPERSET. Structuring a superset worksheet is not easy.

Today, we will create together the first of three sessions from our SummerWorkout.

Choice, free weights and machines, basic and complementary exercises, breaks, perfect execution.

First session, a classic that everyone likes, a very appropriate juxtaposition for me.

Pectorals, biceps and abs.

Large pectoral muscle, small biceps muscle.

I chose biceps as the triceps are already engaged when working on pectorals, then we move on to the biceps, which are fresh and not tired, as are the triceps after the pectoral session. I strategically work on the abdomen, as in this session it is not stressed, completely different when working on triceps or legs

Simone Costantini includes a workout for biceps with dumbbells

So that one should always include exercises for the abdomen, taking into account that it is a muscle, and should be treated accordingly.

The workout should ABSOLUTELY not be carried out for every session, but should be realised in ONE SESSION. always following the 2/1/2 execution equation.

As you perform SUPERSETS, after choosing two exercises for pectorals, which in this case could be bench presses, and dumbbell crosses at 30° bench, fixing sets and repetitions, and recovery between them.

The super series includes performing on bench press and immediately after the execution of 30 ° bench dumbbell crosses, usually with breaks of 45 to 50 seconds and then resuming the circuit.

Below you can view a first example:



  • Supersets with flat bench
  • 30° cross dumbbell bench for 4 sets of 12 repetitions 50-second break.
  • High barbell bench supersets
  • High crosses cables for 3 sets of 12 repetitions with 50 second breaks


  • Barbell standing biceps in supersets
  • Biceps Hammer dumbbells for 4 sets of 15 repetitions 45-second breaks.


  • Crunch on the mat in supersets
  • Legs to the chest on bar for4 sets of 15-20 repetitions with 50-second breaks.

Our table takes shape, I will explain what is behind my choices in the following sessions.

Follow me and work out with the section Back to Basics.

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