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Last updated: 2019-08-23
Hydrolyzed proteins, especially glycine, are excellent for the post-workout recovery time. The great innovation of the new AlphaTECH supplement lies in the very high quality and immediate bio-availability of salmon proteins that it uses to recover 100% faster.

From the continuous scientific research that distinguishes us, we are pleased and excited to present AlphaTECH in the international panorama of sports integration. This is a cutting-edge nutraceutical derived from the extraction from muscle tissue of salmon meat.

In this article we will see in detail why it is useful and what this excellent supplement is made of.

The body after training

Once the "state of emergency" that reaches its peak during the most intense phase of training is over, an athlete's physique has, as its absolute priority, the need to recover energy and ensure coordination of all efforts to assist this necessary process for balance in the body.

There is a short-term limit that can slow down the triggering of this essential state of repair: in the post-workout phase, the body is in a state of very strong neural activation of a "nervous-sympathetic" nature.

If you add to this state of excitement the inflammatory state due to the strong muscle disintegration that occurred during training, it is understandable that the body is not immediately ready to engage in a new digestive commitment.

At the same time, we know that athletes, now more than ever, have an extreme need to receive the right amount of nutrients and electrolytes.

In order to prepare them in the best possible way to replenish themselves, it is advisable (also in terms of absorption!) first to put the nervous system in a state of calm, quiet and relaxation, thus lowering the concentration of cortisol, the dreaded stress hormone.

Alphatech innovation

One of the trump cards that render the salmon protein hydrolysate, which makes up AlphaTECH, truly extraordinary lies in its particular profile as a highly bio-available amino acid for the human organism. Its extraordinary qualities in terms of rapidity and "completeness" of absorption – bypassing the gastric tract with extreme speed and ease, making it the mixture of peptides with the highest value of absolute nitrogen retention – enable it to be concrete support in preventing and resisting muscle catabolism.

These qualities also provide the body with the highest concentration of substrates for the accumulation of lean mass and for the repair of muscle damage induced by exercise.

One of the characteristic elements of AlphaTECH is a high content of the amino acid glycine.

It should be remembered that glycine, often underestimated, is recently beginning to gather merits in the scientific community thanks to its various functions within the human body; it is the main constituent of collagen and elastin.
However, the properties of glycine don't stop there!

Glycine: what is it for?

The chemical formula of glycine

Why is this non-essential amino acid the ideal post-workout amino acid?

Being an inhibitory neurotransmitter amino acid of the central nervous system, an increased glycine intake favours a quicker transition from the active state of the sympathetic "adrenalinic" nervous system, which in turn favours a surge of cortisol, to that of a "parasympathetic" nervous state, which favours a calm state and global recovery (as well as digestion and/or absorption).

Interesting scientific evidence confirms glycine as an excellent sleep inducer when taken in certain doses before sleep. 

The role of salmon protein hydrolysate

The inflammatory state due to prolonged activation of the sympathetic nervous system after training can easily become detrimental in terms of both metabolic and muscular health if prolonged over time, as well as causing neurotransmitter depletion and adrenaline receptor desensitisation.

A curiosity: due to the extraordinary mixture of ProGo® bioptic peptides and the resulting high nitrogen retention, the salmon protein hydrolyzate has even aroused the interest in space research on astronauts subjected to severe catabolism and physiological alterations!

Salmon protein hydrolysate contains 15.6g/100 of the amino acid glycine, which we have seen to be gaining in popularity in sports, clinical nutrition and anti-aging. Furthermore, in addition to being naturally pre-digested by enzymes, it has been shown to have the highest nitrogen retention capacity of any other form of protein compared to the much better-known whey proteins (+49%) and even compared to their own hydrolysate (+20%).

In this regard, let's not forget that the glycine is taken after training, also acts as another indicator of the mTorin the synthesis of new proteins.  A genuine super-food!


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