AlphaTECH: salmon protein hydrolisate (Amizate®)

Alphatech® (Amizate® patent) is one of world's best nutrient timing solution with highest bioavailability and fastest absorption studied in the past for cosmonauts needs.

AminoDEX: essential amino acids for post-workout recovery

AminoDEX is the latest model of nutritional supplements from Yamamoto Nutrition. It is an innovative type of food supplement, with essential amino acids of vegetable origin obtained using the Kyowa fermentation method.

AlphaTECH: from the North Sea to our muscles ... Thanks again science!

How is it that from a salmon, man has been able to derive a substance made accessible for food use for many interesting purposes related to the integration of protein and malnutrition.

Berberine: a new weapon from nature

Berberine is a bioactive compound derived from an extraction of various plants including Berberis, that has piqued my interest for some time. Therefore, I have studied the characteristics in-depth to formulate a product that contained it, because with the studies in hand, it is obvious that we are faced with a very powerful herbal supplement.

What is Taurine: effects and properties

Taurine is an amino acid which is often used in supplements thanks to its stimulating properties. But is this really its function? The properties and beneficial effects of L-Taurine amino acid.

Sustamine: a new supplement for cellular hydration

Alanyl-glutamine, better known as sustamin, is a dipeptide which binds glutamine and alanine, resulting in a very stable form with a high level of solubility: let's learn about its benefits

The effects of caffeine in sport

Caffeine is a substance with many uses in our daily lives and, thanks to its properties, it has been part of the athletes' arsenal for years, passing from a pleasant habit to an ergogenic and stimulating substance for sports

Insulin mimetics and the management of blood glucose

Over the years carbohydrates have been exalted and demonised, but the real problem lies in optimising their function. Let's take a look at what insulin mimetics are and what role they play in the management of blood glucose

Cyclodextrins: the new frontier of carbohydrates

Highly branched cyclodextrins (HBCD), the evolution of the existent Vitargo, Waxy maize and Karbolyn, represent a new class of carbohydrate-based supplements, but what are the advantages to them?

Creatine in sports: use, benefits and side effects

An in-depth analysis of creatine, one of the most famous and commonly used active ingredients in sports, analysing its properties and effectiveness, directions for use, side effects and the differences between various types of creatine.

Glutamine: what does it do and when to take it?

Glutamine is a very special amino acid because our body is able to produce it in cases of need. However, in cases of very intense stress such as heavy sports training it may be necessary to resort to a supplement.